Art residence and exhibition of

Transhumanist art

In October 2022 we invited artists to the Creators gallery in Jaffa
to imagine and bring closer the future
where eternal life is meaningful and worth fighting for
how ART can be transhumanist?

Transhumanism is a worldview that absolutizes the value of human life. It perceives every death as a tragedy.
Its main goal is radical life extension and changing the image of death as inevitable, and of eternal life – as boring and scary.

Transhumanist art has unique properties: courage and freedom (compared to science and politics, art).
It offers a new normality where people live indefinitely.
Combined with science and technologies, it brings physical immortality closer and recruits new supporters of the idea of staying alive forever.
The “Transhuman” exhibition
curated by Dasha Ilyashenko
is the result of an art residency in which 14 artists created works based on and inspired by lectures of leading scientists and transhumanist philosophers.
These works postulate the unacceptability of death, perform metaphorical experiments to prolong life and preserve the personality of every living person, and offer images of the future world, human and art.

Alexander Kozlov
This is "Greatness" in quotation marks. For many years, the character was stuffed with the idea of imaginary "greatness", illusions and fake values – but here he is in the end, on the ground, naked, in shock, eating earth.
This work was made in March 2022, after Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, and reflects personal pain, horror, angry despair and inability to believe in the reality of the author, who believes that there are no reasons that could justify anyone's death.
Acrylic on canvas, 200x150
“La mort de la Mort”
Ekaterina Belukhina
The future is impossible to know, but this painting reflects how our minds transcend the limits of time and space. It represents a future where death has been conquered, and instead of mourning we are celebrating life.
The concept of entropy is key to understanding this painting. All the matter tends to disorder, it’s universal quality of matter. Death comes at the moment when entropy wins. But human beings have an advantage – an ability to regenerate. Regeneration is a war against entropy. Yet, all living beings ultimately loose the tug of war with entropy.
This painting invites people to think about the future where the war against entropy is over, and people won.
Mixed media on canvas, 120x170
"Ami Banchte Chai”
Chanchal Banga
Installation name means “I want to live more” in Bengali language.
Although we live in a difficult world and experience hardships, wars and crises daily – we still want to live. For what? The answer is in nature: wild nature and human nature that resist destruction.
This installation is a temple of life, full of organic shapes, sounds of nature and yellow colour that symbolises sunlight, energy and all the good things in the culture of India, where the artist is coming from.
It is a meditation space that makes a viewer question: “Why do I want to live more?”
Installation, performance
Arrow of Death
A social experiment and research where we asked the visitors to put a sticker next to the age when they would be ok to die.
Marker, stickers
"New tone"
Kate Yalovetskaya
What if reaching eternal life would be as easy as sitting down on a chair?
The installation invites the viewer to become a part of perpetual motion of the Newton's cradle, insert yourself into the eternity. The apple suspended in the air is a metaphor to the idea, brilliant invention in the field of longevity, that we are all waiting far. 
Video, mirror, apple
"Singularity" series
Alla Dukhovny
Faster every day, we are approaching the point of no return – Singularity point, where and when everything is changing every moment. Our world is transforming into something unknown, unexpected, fundamentally different, frightening – as well as attractive. The artist’s background in computer technology and cell biology makes her art a combination of science, philosophy and digital technologies, depicting her emotions under the influence of her knowledge.
Digital prints on paper, 60x70
"Lucid Dream"
Suli Mann, Denis Rossiev
When consciousness is not attached to the body, how does it feel? Is it similar to reality we experience now or closer to the lucid dream? The external surface is erased, and the mind plunges into the vague world where bodies are modified, faces are erased, objects fall apart. Nothing here looks the way we used to, but we have to ask ourselves: maybe it is more real?
Oil on canvas, AI, AR
Olga Tsvetaeva
A human of the future, whose body has transformed for a long life on earth and beyond. He has access to feelings and sensations inaccessible to the people of today. His mind is not busy with fears, worries and boredom that are so familiar to mortals. He is free from ego and is connected to the universal mind. The mirror is a portal to his world, a symbol for liberation from suffering from death that each of us strives for.
Acrylic on cardboard, mirror, 3,500 cm
"Dreams Of Eternal Life"
Open Longevity community (painting by Susana Mata, AI by David Mekibel,  AR by Aleksandr Dziadziura, producer Anton Sazonov)

The most common argument against human immortality is that eternal life is boring.
But when you postulate the possibility of eternal human life, your mind can come up with endless options and images of the future. You don’t need to be a super human to dream, even a simple bath can become your time-travelling capsule, from where you observe radical changes of the world – in 10, 100 and 1000 years from now.
Print, plant, AR
"Pixels of Consciousness"
Oleg Babich
Each person deserves being alive because of their uniqueness. Today, when technology is on the way to solve the problem of uploading the human mind to the cloud, art can make its call. In this work the artist creates a library of individuals by taking “snapshots” of their experience and feelings in the moment. Participants voice 3 current thoughts, and the artist acts like a neural network, “generating” a visual representation. Using the “old school” medium – oil on canvas – ironically points out the fact, that the technology doesn’t develop fast enough: humans are still stuck in our mortal bodies, just like they were centuries ago. The “casts” of people’s minds turn out lively and fun, as humor is a great "technology" to prolong life.
Acrylic on canvas, 9 pieces 20x20, performance
"Raiders of Eternity"
Libi Zak
The installation presents the “findings” from the archeological expedition to the Tomb of the Forefathers that allows to imagine and research the possibilities of ancient humans that our generations should strive to obtain.
Ceramics, carpet mask
"Freezing the Fountain of Youth
Failed attempt A, B, C, D, E, F, G"
Sapir Gez
Humanity's fear of death produces a movement that seeks to stop time. But the desire to freeze and preserve the Here and Now heralds death itself. The elixir of life will be discovered when a constant path of regeneration and movement is found.
The oleander flower chosen for the installation is a beautiful decorative shrub with bright pink flowers that contains a deadly poison inside. It is an allegory of the man who holds death in his midst from the day he was born.
The installation is about man's attempts through science to be saved from the poison. To kill death. To revive life.
Installation: glasses, vodka, sugar syrup, salty water, vinegar, dish soap, cooking oil, chemical preservative
"Transhuman alter-ego"
David Mekibel

Transhumanists speak about the uniqueness of each person, preserving each individuality and struggle with the death of every living person.
This performance intends to create a library of portraits reflecting the qualia of each participant. Based on the sketch, photo and self-description, AI creates an image that reflects each person in the best way. The goal is to make it precise enough, so that future technologies would be able to re-create the person herself based on this portrait. 
AI performance
"The world of transhumanism"
Lev Lavin
ArtPuzzle VR game is a great way to learn about world art in an exciting way. Get to know the works of transhumanist art and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of future by viewing high-resolution images in virtual reality.Train your three-dimensional imagination and attention by collecting puzzles.
Art residence

The exhibition is the result of an art residency that lasted for 3 weeks and included:
  • talks with transhumanists about the ideas and goals of the movement
  • lectures by gerontologists about achievements in life extension
  • workshops by art & science curators on how to work with future as a construct
  • development of the artwork ideas with the exhibition curator
  • creation of the artworks in the gallery space

Some of the bright minds that inspired the artists
  • Aubrey De Grey
    biomedical gerontologist
  • Olga Remnyova
    Art & science curator
  • Peter Fedichev
    Scientist, founder of biotech companies
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We believe that creating transhumanist art in an absolute priority on the way to radical life extension.
Science research and technology is not enough –
only the social request from the bottom and shifts in the public worldview can change the status quo.
Art addresses the emotions and subconscious, creates the new normality.
Creating and promoting transhumanist art is the shortest and the most reliable way to reach it.

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