A roadmap to longevity
Our strategy and yours
Read, analyze, improve, contribute.
The strategy to defeat aging should be a set of clear instructions. Even this website, which goal is to find the best strategy, is also a set of instructions.

Misha Batin
Ideologist of the project
Option One
Analyze all antiaging strategies there are
We've made a list of the organizations, who might have one. We've already made a list of criteria for these strategies to be checked upon.
Option Two
Add Your Strategy
Then someone will analyze it within a general framework.
Option Three
Improve OL Strategy
We invite you not only to judge us in 'Option One' (within other strategies), but also improve. Here we make Open Longevity strategy truly open and hopefully it will become truly longevity.
Option Four
Join One of the Projects within Open Longevity Strategy
We have turned several points of our strategy into an online collaboration environment. For now these are mostly Google Docs and Sheets. Soon we will add some more project, which will require another tools, like Trello, Monday, Lucid Charts and maybe more.
These are just a few projects within our sophisticated branched roadmap. If you want to dig into their interactions, you may go one step back to option three — improve the strategy itself.
But here you can see the points of the roadmap as a simple 'to-do-list'.
Online Institute
We arrange aging and longevity genes in an evolutionary order, creating our own database.
Online Institute, Diagnostics of aging
Let's take a look at aging biomarkers: what diagnostic panels are they in, what characteristics do they have?
More (Rus)
Education, Life Extending City
Travel to our school, come to one-day lectures in your city, or even better—become a co-organizer of our next event.
Online Institute
But not all—only those that develop technologies related to biomarkers of aging.
Option Five
Help with Funding
But for now let's make a list of everyone in need first. And then, what's more important, turn this list into hierarchy: Who's more in need, than the others? Who does more important job? Who can you afford to help? Which help will contribute not only to the picture in general, but also to your personal needs, your personal health risks?
Option Six
Work out personal strategies
This spreadsheet is an effort to evaluate and compare different personal strategies. It has been done in 2017, the article is in Russian yet. But the chart is translated into English, and we believe it must be clear itself. This is the first step in creating an algorithm, helping one figure out a set of personal actions on the road to longevity. You can join us on this step, comment, vote, propose other actions and criteria. Let's also develop a more complicated tree structure.
Option Seven
Propose your project or idea
We could've missed something.
If you know nothing, you can:
  • Vote and comment almost in any project (in all 7 options there are)
  • Help with tiny donations on Patreon, when we'll add it.
And yes, you know nothing yet. Just stay with us and keep up.
How will this website evolve?
We do as we can
Most of the public projects are in Google Spreadsheets and Documents now.
A bit later
A bit later
We add up some tools
...and also some more projects.
We love Trello and will definitely look into Monday.
Online Research University
Lots of people from all over the world, lots of interconnected projects.
We'd like for all the processes, all the ideas to be visible to anyone within the system. To external observers too. From databases to lab research, to clinical trials. And yes, this University will not only do research in biology and medicine, but also in social science, economy, law—anything we will need to bring therapies to life and to people.
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