Project AGCT
The idea of the Immortality Buyers Club is to conduct open experiments that would help us to get closer to a radical extension of human lifespan. We believe the selection of combinations for gene therapy to be the most promising direction.

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Testing the impact of gene combination changes on longevity

Aging is a complex process that is accompanied by a change in the organism at various levels - at the phenotype level and at the molecular level. Therefore, we expect that therapies halting or reversing the aging process will consist of a combination of effects on the body.

We test the effect on the lifespan of an organism by changing the combinations of different genes in the organism. The search for gene combinations with a synergistic effect that affect life expectancy and the development of theoretical basis for the selection of combinatorial gene therapy are our goals.
Тhere are three types of changes in each of the genes

  • knockout
  • overexpression
  • knockdown

It is possible to carry out gene therapy at different times of the body's life, that is, at virtually any age.
Such a huge number of variations leads to a combinatorial explosion and requires the development of theoretical algorithms for the selection of gene therapy, and for this we will use mathematical models, namely the linear response theory.

We started testing gene combinations on flies.
Our catalog presents gene combinations with the detailed description that we`ve already started testing in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Genetics of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Bogaziçi University in Istanbul.

The catalog will be gradually expanding with combinations.

You can choose any combination and finance an experiment to test it for impact on lifespan.

Anyone can join the fight for life!
Join our work!
Together we will test various principles for selecting combinations!

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