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Open Longevity Book: translation into English & new chapters
Our book is about life, about the biology of aging and thus life extension, and about peaceful projects.
Boston Matrix
A therapy that prevents age-related degradation of the extracellular matrix (ECM). We are focused on small molecules that have the potential to slow down aging, and protect people from diabetes, cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases, by inhibiting cross-linking in the extracellular matrix.
Immortality Buyers Club
A platform that provides a service for ordering open experiments that would help us to get closer to a radical extension of human lifespan.
Mathematical Physics for Aging Discovery
Models that use state-of-the-art mathematical physics methods and are built on experimental biological data.
Open Genes
Structured data on human genes associated with aging: functions, evolution, the influence of gene activity on lifespan, age-related changes in gene expression, associations of allelic variants of genes with longevity, and age-related phenotype.
A platform that allows to automatically create scientific databases from a list of research papers. In turn, this provides an opportunity to train machine learning models to gain insights into the field and generate new ideas.
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