Open Longevity Community

Come join us to fight death

Let’s see if you agree with the following:

  • Being alive is better than being dead.
  • Every human is irreplaceable: the birth of another person does not justify the death of the living.
  • The finiteness of existence is the main tragedy of human life.
    Death has no excuse.
  • Achieving an unlimited human lifespan is a scientific task with an absolute priority.
  • The acceleration of progress derives from particular political processes. We need to build a society aimed at saving people's lives.
  • Rational arguments in favor of life extension are not enough. But transhumanistic art appealing to emotions might work.
  • We haven’t tried everything possible to achieve immortality yet. Radical life extension requires our involvement.
  • The task of radical life extension comes down to the task of building a transhumanistic community.

If you do agree with all of the above, you are most welcome to join the Open Longevity Community!

Moreover, if you have already contributed to the fight against death on some level, you might be eligible for one or several of our community cards. There are different roles in the fight against death and different levels for each role. Please make yourself acquainted with the descriptions of the roles below, select those that apply to you, and submit. We will get in touch and will be most happy to present you with your cards after a quick conversation.

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