Онлайн-встреча "Сенолитики: от азов до практического применения"

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Join us for our upcoming Meetup on July, 22 at 19:00 CET.

Senolytics - From the Bench to Practical Application

We will give insights about senescence in general and how new targets that could be used for human application are identified. Additionally, we will discuss a promising natural senolytic therapy available today.

We are happy that Prof. Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães will join us as a guest speaker. João Pedro is a scientist at the University of Liverpool, UK, dedicated to understanding the process of aging. Our Dr. Isabelle Schiffer will present the Forever Healthy Risk & Benefit Analysis on Fisetin as a senolytic therapy. 

Additionally, we will have a networking session with virtual breakout rooms to allow participants to informally meet and make new contacts or friends.

Meet & greet: Quick intros (5 min)
Presentation João Pedro (15 min)
Presentation Isabelle (10 min)
Q&A (20 min)
Networking session in breakout rooms (10 min)
Closing remarks

Sign up here: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/forever-healthy/events/271746743/?fbclid=IwAR1dj-TkVww1ZR395WP5wHCaCTOPTBOQXosZZzd9-fvtkoIC5-chlM5GTE4