We are Alina and Umida.
We went to medical school to learn how to develop drugs and conduct preclinical trials.

Now we are at risk of being mobilized for war.
  • Alina Rzaeva
  • Umida Ibragimova
We are researchers at the Laboratory of Metabotropic Drugs of the Research Center for Innovative Drugs at Volgograd State Medical University. We work on discovering active compounds that have anti-glycation, deglycation activity, and the ability to break ECM cross-links.

It is important for us to be able to do something that can be used in the treatment of various pathological conditions and contribute to human longevity.
The political situation in our country puts significant pressure on everything we do.
With the announced mobilization, the chances to continue peacefully doing what we think is best for humanity in our lab became slim. Help us leave the country and continue working on meaningful ways to improve human lifespans.

Our plan is to set up a sister lab in Turkey
Then gradually move the team there. We will be one of the first ones to move as we have the highest risk of being mobilized. Donations will cover plane tickets, rent, food, and other daily necessities and the costs of setting up the lab.

Please help us raise funds for relocation! We accept:

Umida Ibragimova


Alina Rzaeva