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Open Longevity: life-extending friendships
Our community is against aging and all causes of death. We support and initiate research in aging biology and all areas responsible for life extension. Our goal is to grow the longevity movement and industry to benefit from yet-to-be-invented, tested, and implemented therapies within our lifetime.
Our lives is all we got
A life of a person is invaluable. Obviously we want to improve our health and well-being, now and forever. But only when we are alive we can improve anything. And life itself is so precious and doesn't require any additional justification, its extension is our main focus (and it's hard to imagine that healthspan improvement won't follow).
Community is crucial
Fixing human aging (and eventually mortality) is the hardest task humanity ever tryed solve. It is harder than going into space and splitting the atom. We need grandiose efforts, international projects and groups to approach it. Let's start with baby steps—learn how to work together in groups.
Let's try it in an open manner
If staying alive is more important to you than immediate profit from a non- or mildly-working therapy, then you would agree it worths sharing everything at this stage. We have to hurry in our understanding of aging. We are ready to do open projects, are you?
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We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
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Open Genes preprint
We are still waiting to be published properly but the preprint is available
Hallmarks of Aging, part 3
Discussing the new (2023) article
Transhumanist Exhibition
Our art residency in Tel Aviv was fruitful
Each member of our team has at least 5 years of legal experience.
We like to make people happy. We give special gifts for our clients' birthdays.
We care about our clients' time. Just give us a call, and we will help you with all the questions.
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Quick orientation
There are different things to do
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    What's longevity? Is aging research even a thing? We appreciate you learning about all of this from scratch! We're actually a bit envious, there is a new amazing world ahead of you. Here's how we'd start...
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These are not just our projects. Potentially, these are your projects too. Join now!
  • Open Genes
    Our database is designed to help researchers study the genetics of aging and related processes. We manually collect information on the evolution of the gene, its functions, and methods to determine if the gene is associated with aging and life expectancy.
  • Aging Nets
    Network theory in aging
    Using the developments of the cutting edge of mathematical physics, we are going to study the aging of various organisms, analyzing it as the dynamics of a complex network system
  • Project AGCT
    Experiments store
    The idea is to conduct open experiments that would help us to get closer to a radical extension of human lifespan. We believe the selection of combinations for gene therapy to be the most promising direction.
  • Transhuman exhibition
    Art residence curated by Dasha Ilyashenko in which 14 artists created works based on and inspired by lectures of leading scientists and transhumanist philosophers.

    These works postulate the unacceptability of death, perform metaphorical experiments to prolong life and preserve the personality of every living person, and offer images of the future world, human and art.
  • Boston Matrix
    Our mission is to develop a therapy that prevents age-related degradation of the extracellular matrix (ECM). We are focused on small molecules that have the potential to slow down aging, and protect people from diabetes, cardiovascular and Alzheimer's diseases, by inhibiting cross-linking in the extracellular matrix.
  • Research Roadmap
    Since biological aging is a complex phenomenon, this document discusses the widest possible range of fundamental research and applied developments in the field of aging and body rejuvenation. All research and development proposed by this roadmap should make it easier to achieve the goal of reversal the biological aging of a person.
  • Longevity strategy
    We need to figure out the best strategy for all the people and companies involved in the industry. Preferably the united strategy. The first step is to collect and analyze other roadmaps and plans in the field. We invite you to join this work. There is a lot to look through.
  • Our Movies
    In Open Longevity, we believe in the power of art. So we present you with EXPEDITION FOR IMMORTALITY. Misha Batin's philosophical movies, a travel vlog. Metamodernism in transhumanism. Why prolong one's life? Why is there no cure for old age yet? And what should we do about it?
  • Discord Server
    Community Life
    Come discuss the fight against aging in our discord chat.
    Let's grow the community together!
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  • Misha Batin
    Founder & CEO
    Ideologist and driving force of the project. President and Founder of Science for Life Extension Foundation.

    Facebook, LinkedIn, Scopus
  • Nastya Egorova
    Founder & CEO
    Strategies and clinical trials

    Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Timofey Glinin, Ph.D.
    Scientific director
    Lecturer at the Longevity City, Timofey is the author of the Research Roadmap and lots of other joint analytical projects.

    Facebook, Scholar
  • Konstantin Dremov
    Konstantin is responsible for Boston Matrix and Open Genes development.
Open Genes Project
Genes associated with aging and longevity
  • Konstantin Rafikov
    CEO of Open Genes, Lead Front-end
    There wouldn't be Open Genes if it weren't for Kostya. Also, he's the author of OL and OG logos.

  • Ekaterina Rafikova
    Katya is responsible for filling the database with genes and for guiding our biologists.

  • Olga Spiridonova
    CTO in OL/OG, Lead Backend Developer
    We have a lot of interesting (and not very) tasks. So if you want to help with the backend, contact Olga, sign up for volunteers—we'd be glad!

  • Sergey Pushkin
    Backend Developer
  • Yury Ledovsky
    Backend Developer
  • Dmitry Glubokov
    Backend Developer, Bioinformatist
  • Julia Belova
    Backend Developer
  • Said Kamolov
    Front-end Developer
  • Tatiana Skvortsova
  • Polina Tsabay
  • Nikolay Nemirovich-Danchenko
  • Maria Stepanova
  • Olga Brovkina
  • Anna Ogman
  • Anna Parfenenkova
    Geneticist, Bioinformatist
  • Nadezhda Ivanova
  • Elizaveta Smirnova
  • Anastasia Poznyak
    Geneticist, Author
Analysts and authors
  • Alexey Rzheshevsky
    Analyst, biologist, author
    There's hardly a review of ours that has been written without a valuable contribution from Alex.

  • Dora Bataeva
    Biotech analyst, biologist, author
    Graduated from the Physics Department of Moscow State University (medical physics), Dora is now engaged in biotech analysis.

  • Mariia Bazarevich
    Geneticist, bioinformaticist, student of MSU and Skoltech, Mariia is engaged in molecular oncology and now is working on a new secret database of ours.
  • Olga Borisova
    Analyst, biologist, author
    Biologist, geneticist. Mitochondria specialist and creator of one of the best science groups on Facebook—Mitospace.

    Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Marina Voytova
    Biotech analyst, author
    Graduated from IKBFU I. Kant with a degree in bioengineering and bioinformatics and KSTU with a degree in economics and management.
  • Danila Uvarov
    Biotech analyst
    Graduate of the Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University, Danila is currently working on his thesis Organization Model and Scaling Conditions for Biopharmaceutical Businesses in Russia.
  • Valerian Shadrin
    Biotech analyst
    An analyst who escaped from the lab. With experience in cell and microbiology.

  • Venera Khabatova
    Biotech analyst, biologist, author
    Biophysicist (MSU) with experience in clinical research in pharma and medical devices
  • Alexey Churov, Ph.D.
    Biotech analyst
    Immunologist, deals with grant applications, analytical reviews, helps with filling in the Open Genes database.

    Facebook, LinkedIn, Scholar
  • Artem Blagodatsky
    Biologist, author
    PhD, Associate of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is engaged in molecular and cellular biology of cancer, immunology and pharmacology of natural compounds.
Project Managers
  • Anastasiia Velikanova
    Project Coordinator, Head of the Project "Aging Physics"
  • Svetlana Bozrova
    Production editor of printed publications
    Biologist, a postdoc at the Institute of Molecular Biology. Sveta has put her effort into several of our large-scale works in the biology of aging that are about to come out soon.

    Facebook, LinkenIn
  • Victoria Che
    Lead illustrator
    Biologist and scientific illustrator Vika is responsible for the entire visual of OL.
  • Nataly Ree
    Biologist (NSU, bioinformatics). "I am convinced that longevity is given to those who value life in all its manifestations."
  • Arkadiy Erlikh
    Arkadiy is a designer, an artist, a molecular biologist, and a fan of turning complex things into interesting ones.
Also very important people
  • Nadia Batina
    Project coordinator
    Nadia runs the entire Longevity School, including food recipes. And other events too.

  • Denis Ivannikov
    Assistant, IT Support
    If you find a typo on the site, feel free to write to Denis.

    Dum spíro, spéro!

  • Natalia Andreeva
  • Daniil Peunov
    Technical Assistant
    Laboratory of Molecular Mechanisms of Aging, 1st year master's program of the Faculty of Biology, Department of Biology, NSU
Volunteers and anyone who has contributed to individual Open Longevity projects
  • Jason C. Mercurio
    Jason helps to facilitate growth of Open Longevity by looking for potential partners and ways to scale our vision. He helps us with his writing ability, his knack for forming partnerships, and his ability to bring people together behind a common goal.

  • Angelika Normann
    Angelika translates many of our texts from Russian to English (and vice versa). She also participates in translating our book “Open Longevity: what is aging and what we can do about it”.

    Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Azur James
    Azur lives in Canada, supports the Longevity movement and helps us edit translations of important texts. Google translator works wonders, but the help of a native speaker is priceless!

  • Valentina Gorshkova
    Valentina revises excellent quality translations for our social networks and actively assists Open Longevity in subtitling video content.

    Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Anastasia Nikonova
    Anastasia did a great job and helped create a page about research centers and institutes in aging.

  • Natalie Sevcenko
    Natalia brilliantly and efficiently translates important materials for our site from English into Russian, and sometimes vice versa.

  • Danila Bessmertnykh
    Danila helps us to organize the production and sale of merch. The proceeds from sales will, of course, go towards research.

  • Denis Odinokov
    Analyst, author
  • Mark Voloshin
    Diet Research: Scientific Analytics and Algorithm Development Assistance for Personalized Menus.

  • Catherine Vinichenko
    Diet research volunteer
    Katya threw in some very good ideas on our menu.

  • Svyatoslav Zarutsky
    Diet Research: Scientific analytics, biostatistics, and algorithms for personalization and menu validation by criteria.

  • Alex Lokk
    Diet research volunteer
    The online version of the algorithm for personalizing the menu is only available to admins but useful no the less.

  • Ekaterina Leschinskaya
    Lab network analytics

  • Alex Metlin
  • Irina Aktuganova
    Sponsor, volunteer and advisor
    With the help of Irina, we launched pilot studies at our first Longevity School in Montenegro. There would be no school and longevity city without her help.

  • Alexey Kovyazin
  • Andrew Sholokhovich
    Payment systems

  • Nikita Ivanov
    Web and online school programs

  • Sergey Kobelev
    Volunteer and web adviser
    It was Sergey who introduced us to Tilda and many other online services we use nowadays. Together we did a pile of work.

  • Tatiana Gneteeva
    From English into Russian

  • Ekaterina Maslennikova
    From English into Russian

  • Egor Ilyin
    From English into Russian

  • Let us know if you are not on this page though you helped us.
    It would be awkward for both of us, but we'll try to fix this misunderstanding.
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