From biology 101 to most recent theories and aspects.
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who dis?
What do you think about death?
Are you scared? Are you ready to become proactive in the fight against death?
Answer a few of our questions and learn something new about yourself.
We are having a meeting on gene therapy on May, 28
Lets list all the known therapies on the market. We'll meet again at Arthur Isaev's amazing place.
CD47 as a promising target in onco-immunology and 16 best companies in the area
We love some of them more. But why?
The philosophy behind our Open Genes Project—a DB of genes, associated with aging and longevity.
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We have a strategy of our own. We also analyze strategies of others. This is kind of our thing.

Frankly, this website is all about working out the best strategy to defeat death. Big part of such work is analytics.
Find out how you can help in the fight against aging
Jobs and Volunteers tasks for OL and other nice people in longevity industry.
Open Genes | IT | 8/10
We need some help from a data scientist with the background in bioinformatics and genetics...
Don't take it seriously. Or maybe do.
Тут можно размещать всякие подсказки. И даже ссылки и картинки.
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