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The most important for us at the moment is to gether like-minded community. If you are dying from aging and want to do something about it, scroll further - you are in the right place.
Hey, I'm Misha Batin*, president of the Sсience For Life Extension Foundation. Not everything in the world is done for people to live longer, so we have a lot to do. Engage in this most important business with us.
Hi! I'm Anastasia*, vice-president of the Foundation. Most likely I'll be the one to read your application form, so watch your grammar. Or not - I'm not a native anyway. Even if you don't, that's not important. What important is the content.
Science For Life Extension Foundation is a nonprofit organization, so we are in a constant need of volunteers. We have several projects currently:

Aging is a disease
There are lawyers, there are scientists, there are law wordings and articles. They all fit. The case is small — it's just need to be done. Well, that's how small becomes big. Would you help?

One shouldn't underestimate the power of a t-shirt with an explicit print, worn on the right person. But it's harder than it looks to create such weapons of mass effect.

1000 Presentations
We've made couple of dozens already. But for each new lecture to become more of a science show, we need to put a lot of effort. Content, slides, speaker preparation. Maybe you want to become a lecturer yourself? We can help.
We offer a fair exchange: your time and knowledge for our interesting challenges, new friends, hard work and the meaning of life. It can be fun! Take a look:
All the reports are posted on Facebook
BTW meet your future colleagues:
Yuri Deigin*

What do I do at the Foundation? I write, edit and translate all kinds of texts – from Facebook posts to multi-page investment memorandums. I am also helping the Foundation convey a seemingly simple thought that aging is a curable disease - both to people and to governments worldwide. For this I take an active part in the organization of hearings in the Russian Duma, I write to American lobbyists, I started a petition for the Canadian House of Commons, etc. And to educate the masses I help organize public lectures of various Foundation speakers, and sometimes even deliver them myself. In my spare time from the Foundation's activities, I also try to be a full-time entrepreneur – in the last 7 years in the field of biotech and pharmaceuticals, and before that in IT. And of course I have a degree in Computer Science.

Why did I choose to volunteer at the "Science for Life Extension" Foundation? Firstly, because aging is Humanity's biggest problem – once we solve it, we can then afford to solve all the others (the colonization of Mars, renewable energy, ethical farming, etc.), and do so at a leisurely pace, now that we'll get rid of the ticking time bomb placed inside us by our genes. Secondly, it's quite an interesting challenge in itself – to solve the biological puzzle of death, and hack its mechanisms. And thirdly, purely out of my inherent rebelliousness – millions of years we and our ancestors have been slaves of our genes by performing for them the role of Xeroxes, but now we finally have a chance to rise up and wrestle control from our genetic masters. Spartacus would be proud!

Obviously, I also believe that aging and death are just bad. Or, rather, forced aging and death are bad. If someone wants to grow old, or voluntarily withdraw from life, it is their full right. But the lack of a symmetrical human right not to die is unfair. Why do people have to die or get old, if they do not want? I believe they should not! Just as people do not have to die from cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, or Alzheimer's. Same way we chose to stop having to die from bacterial infections 100 years ago. Thanks to antibiotics, we defeated infections; thanks to science, we have transformed HIV/AIDS from a death sentence into a manageable chronic disease, we have also made significant progress with cancer. Ultimately, science will prevail over aging, I have no doubt. I only doubt that I would live to see that day. And I would really like to! And what I would like even more is for my loved ones to do the same, especially those loved ones who are older than me. So I am doing everything in my power to speed up the victory of science over aging. Because each day we waste, we waste a hundred thousand lives!
Alex Turchin*
Vice-president for roadmaps

I am a co-author of Futurology book with Misha and also am working on roadmaps to immortality.

I took part in street action and conferences, was running an exhibition in Marat Guelman's Gallery.

I'm writing texts and creating slogans for t-shirts.
Andrei Nikiforov*

Socio-political activist and philosopher-theologian in the past, I've launched several non-profit organizations, youth movements and political parties. I popularized both scientific and not so much scientific knowledges. Transhumanism became the result of intense exploration of my place in life and it's meaning. The goal now is clear — not to die and to evolve further. One needs everyone's help for this and most importantly there's a task for everyone.

I am a staunch supporter of Misha Batin's position that you need to defeat aging first. Therefore, we conduct presentations to convince people and initiate hearings to convince the Ministry of Health, we create mathematical models to convince investors. We are saying it's possible not to grow old, not to die, and that it's something ought to be done. In addition, we write grant applications, respond with transhumanist texts to news occasions, we tell what to pay attention to among the numerous scientific discoveries and have developed a positive scenario for the future.
Anna Chill Out*

Everyone has asked himself: "What's the purpose of my life? What will I leave behind? What do I want to achieve before I die?" And in such moments I understand that the list of my life goals is sooo big, that I may not have enough time to achieve everything. And the saddest thing is I adore every item in my list so mush I just can't ignore a thing!

But why would I shorten my list? I believe we can achieve real healthy longevity and not only complete our existing lists but update them with new targets. A person at 60 will feel and look the same as he did at 30. And as soon as it happens the world will become a better place. And I also believe that you should fight for your aims and dreams and always move forward. That's why I am a volunteer in Science for Life Extension Foundation.

Sergey Boudnik*

As a staunch technocrat, I believe in transhumanism and seek to demonstrate the availability and advantages of technology in practice at the scale more than a University laboratory or a leased installation in the closed scientific research institutes.

And as a private entrepreneur in the sphere of technology integration that improve the quality and safety of food, I help the Foundation with investment search for Longevity Cookbook project. I interact with potential investors, participate in the promotion of the ideas, working on budgets, design estimates and other documents.
Nicholas Koshkin*

I promote ideas with the help of t-shirts and landing pages at the moment. I also run negotiations with my investors and would love to help in science, but it's impossible without specific knowledge in biology. That's why I currently study a lot.

I help because I want to save my life and the lives of other wonderful people. Therefore we need to develop science. Technology promotion is our only option and acting through Foundation is more effective. Also the people here are truly awesome!

Participation in the Foundation projects helps me stay "in the know", get the best information possible, the most valuable ever.

The process of work is fun and addicting and understanding the importance of it gives meaning to work and life itself.
Stanislav Skakoon*

Volunteering in the Foundation for me is an opportunity to develop skills in a completely new and attractive field, that I would like to be a part of professionally in the nearest future. Projects that make the changes, often begin with like-minded people gathered for ideas, not for money.

My professional experience is in project management and financial analysis, and I hope to bring the best practices in this area to the Foundation.
*Meta (Facebook and Instagram) is banned in Russia as extremist