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Open Longevity

The time for anti-aging clinical trials has come
In 2004 three MIT engineers, brothers Benjamin and James Heywood and longtime friend Jeff Cole, launched a project to help their brother and friend Stephen Heywood, who was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Inspired by Stephen's experiences, the co-founders and team conceptualized and built a health data-sharing platform that they believe can transform the way patients manage their own conditions, change the way industry conducts research and improve patient care. This is how Patients Like Me project was launched and we absolutely adore it.

years of data collection
400 000+

31 000 000

analized parameters

published research studies
We have to deploy a project of a comparable scale in life extension.

Aging is a disease – that's clear for the researchers already. There's so much to be done in the laboratory by far: new drugs to be invented and new approaches to be discovered, mechanisms of aging to be further explored and bio-markers to be determined. But while all this is being done, why not try and test the things we already know? There are drugs known to slow aging down and increase life expectancy of lab animals. There are diets that are expected not only help you with your specific condition, if you have one, but extend your lifespan overall. Let's not waste our time and conduct clinical trials of these anti-aging therapies now. And then those to be invented too!

Those trials could help us come up with the therapy to be implied in the nearest future. Moreover, the data we will be gathering can be used in the further scientific research of more effective approaches.

Why do it ourselves? Well, there's a list of reasons Pharma won't do it. We are happy to become wrong about it, but unfortunately that's what we are observing now. There's gonna be a whole separate web-site explaining everything about traditional clinical trials and their issues with age-related therapies.

Our Foundation is working in the field of life extension for more than 8 years now and these days we are launching an Open Longevity project to join efforts in the fight against aging and age-related diseases.

There's some info about possible participation below. Three boxes are three options. BTW a participant in clinical trials may also be helpful as a volunteer. And clicking on all the three squares would be even better, so don't hinder yourself.
The first step is to gather information about those willing to participate in the trials.

The more participants, the faster will its development be, as we will get new research data with each new "patient".

Fill out the form today, so we can contact you later and start testing in 2018.
If you have experience in research management, conducting projects of any scale, or don't have any experience, but want to take an active part as a volunteer, we will be glad to have you.

Find out more on our special volunteers page. Or fill in the application straight away.
Our project is a nonprofit. We believe that a cure for old age should not be protected by any ID and should be available for everyone. This approach will require funding from the participants themselves, charities and anyone who is ready to contribute without expecting commercial gain. We have yet to developed a system of self funding by the participants, but if you want to help the project now, you can make a donation.
You can find out more on the project website: https://openlongevity.org

"Participation in clinical trials is associated with the risks of getting side effects. Not to participate in clinical trials of therapies against aging is also a risk. A delayed but guaranteed chance to get a great age-related disease."

Misha Batin
President and founder of the foundation
it's time

Join those working for their future