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GeroSense: AI in Your Smartphone Helps
Monitor Health, Aging, and Resilience

Create a better lifestyle experience and know what really works for you!
Biological Age

Biological age (Bioage) tells you if your organism is biologically younger. Lower bioage levels predict longer life expectancy.

Lifestyle choices can modify bioage. That is why you should continuously monitor your bioage. Bioage based on mobile/wearable technology is the best fit to help you stay biologically younger.

How it works
Bioage variations are sensitive to your lifestyle choices and current health state.

Download and install app, log your lifestyle choices, and know when you are biologically younger. You can use the GeroSense bioage as a feedback to inform yourself which choices were likely good personally for you and which ones did not work.

GeroSense is an AI system trained to tell your actual biological age based on weekly patterns of how your physical activity levels are changing throughout the day.

Resilience (Recovery rate) tells how quickly your organism can recover from stress. Higher resilience predicts longer life expectancy.
How it works
Did you notice day-to-day fluctuations in daily steps or sleeping hours reported by a health app in your smartphone? But could not figure out whether this tells anything about your health?

Fluctuations amplitudes and autocorrelation times can tell how quickly your organism recovers to the baseline level. Download and install app, to get more comprehensive analytics of health apps data.

GeroSense is an AI system to provide detailed analytics of dynamical properties of physiological parameters measured by wearable and mobile device sensors.
GeroSense for science against aging

GeroSense AI is constantly learning on data of tens of thousands of individual aging trajectories of volunteers who consented to provide the basic health information and the motion data for building a well-being personalized recommendation system to promote a longer and healthier life for everyone.

We invite you to participate in the Gerosense project and help our research team to put the big data into work to promote a longer and healthier life for everyone!

We share results of our scientific work in published papers. To date the project has empowered research studies published in three scientific works:

1. Pyrkov TV, Slipensky K, Barg M, Kondrashin A, Zhurov B, Zenin A, Pyatnitskiy M, Menshikov LI, Markov S, Fedichev PO. "Extracting biological age from biomedical data via deep learning: too much of a good thing?" (2018) Nature Scientific Reports 8.1: 1-11.

2. Pyrkov TV, Avchaciov K, Tarkhov AE, Menshikov LI, Gudkov AV, Fedichev PO. "Longitudinal analysis of blood markers reveals progressive loss of resilience and predicts ultimate limit of human lifespan." (2019) accepted in Nature Communications.

3. Pyrkov TV, Sokolov IS, Fedichev PO. "Deep longitudinal phenotyping of wearable sensor data reveals independent markers of longevity, stress, and resilience." (2021) medRxiv.

Why trust GeroSense bioage?
GeroSense is a scientifically validated deep neural network model which was trained to predict healthy life expectancy on a collection of large-scale representative datasets of NHANES, UK Biobank, and Gero Healthspan app.

GeroSense bioage model characteristics can be found in the paper currently available as a preprint on medRxiv server (Pyrkov TV, Sokolov IS, Fedichev PO, 2021).

GeroSense bioage model is developed by Gero — data-driven longevity biotech company.

We are a team of researchers skilled in maths, physics, and biology. We combine the potential of deep neural networks with the physics of complex dynamic systems to understand the processes underlying human aging. We believe that it is the study of age-related dynamics of physiological parameters that will enable us to find the right anti-aging targets and pro-longevity interventions.

GeroSense bioage in Gero mobile app
Download Gero Healthspan app for iPhone. If you are not an iPhone user, we invite you to join the waiting list for the upcoming version for Android.