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To solve the problem of radically life extension, we need a superintelligence-like organization. Open Longevity aims to become such a superintelligence. The goal is to gather thousands of thinking agents into a single network.

We came up with a simple rule: to give everyone membership cards and assign member different tasks. We also look for ways to amplify the signal through our network of supporters.
Join us and get the cards:
1. Contributor: a person who has made any contribution to the activities of Open Longevity. Participated in an event, filled out a questionnaire, recommended our articles, contributed to discussions in chats.

2. Builder: donated to Open Longevity. Someone who is, in fact, a builder of the city of immortality. Currently a virtual space, which consists of many of our chats, YouTube channels, and landing pages. Our goal is to transfer the city of immortality from the virtual world to the physical.

3. Ambassador: talks about the challenges and achievements of the fight against aging in social networks, at conferences, in the press, everywhere. Encourages others to share anti-aging information and issues cards on behalf of Open Longevity. We want to double the number of people working in the field of longevity in a year.

4. Inspector: has some knowledge of life extension and is interested in everything. Shows increased activity in our chats and initiates scientific discussions.

5. Open Longevity Boss: manages one of the Open Longevity projects.

6. Engineer: develops and maintains websites, landing pages and mobile applications about life extension, including ours.

7. Analyst: collects, analyzes and structures information. Organizes various reports, articles, books, studies, startup business models, advertising campaigns—everything that's out there.

8. Data Scientist: uses all the power of modern mathematics for processing biological big data.

9. Researcher: conducts research work.

10. Adviser: determines the scientific policy of Open Longevity.

11. Fundraiser: raises funds.

12. Coin Master: conducts all financial activities of projects and publicly reports all expenses.

13. Show Runner: launches public and art projects, makes films. A think tank for performances. The purpose of such projects is to talk about the urgency of life extension, to break through the "wall of death" in people's minds. Promotes the idea of filmed experiments, movies with experiments even (we want to tell the whole world how to conduct experiments to increase life expectancy). Creates memes to change the state of society in relation to the problem of death.

14. Producer: leads the team of one of our social, cultural projects.
Produces movies like "Expedition for Immortality".

15. Artist: creator of the new. Paints pictures, comes up with scripts, develops designs and constructs layouts. In general, their activity appeals to emotion, which is very important for transhumanism.

16. Influencer: shoots reels and tik-toks in order to draw attention to research on life extension #1000reelsforlifeextension. Reads popular science lectures.

17. Genius: has outstanding intelligence and applies it to work on our projects.

18. Anthropologist: studies society, conducts sociological research and builds a social graph. Analyzes the state of a memome (a set of memes) in relation to the tasks of combating aging and death. Conducts social experiments. Designs Life Extension Clock (similar to the Doomsday Clock, but showing the likelihood of life extension technologies development).

19. Grant Master: writes grant applications

20. Writer: writes texts and books that can change the world. Yes, big books change the world, and somebody needs to write them

21. Lawyer: works with endless contracts. Ultimately, any work comes down to the work of lawyers.

22. Architect: develops the city of immortality both in the physical world and in the metaverse. Creates an environment conducive to life extension.

23. Community Engineer: builds relationships in the community. The goal of Open Longevity is to become a superintelligence aimed at saving people's lives. We are working on a community structure, a superintelligence. Develops simple rules for communication and collaboration.

24. Doctor: a specialist in the field of medicine, who treats and prevents various diseases, and also cooperates with us.

25. Biohacker: conducts research within clinical trials. Channels the energy of biohacking into self-organized but proper GCP-standardized clinical research.

26. Professor: develops educational programs in our area, gives lectures. Makes sure that more and more specialists appear in life extension, and that their quality grows.

27. Admin: helps us administer chats and websites. We aim to be the most influential transhumanist organization in the world. We need to moderate thousands of discussions. We can't do it without you.

28. Polymath: a rare person. There are people who are like a walking encyclopedia. Each statement is priceless. Several sentences written in the chat cause an avalanche of discussions. We need you endlessly, please join.

29. Immortalist: understands transhumanism in all its diversity: from the tasks of cryonics, cloning, the problem of a copy and the original, the tasks of replacing and growing organs and tissues, the hard problem of consciousness, creating a digital copy of a person, the task of the indestructibility of civilization, the selection of combinatorial therapies for aging, numerous studies of aging, digital immortality to the analysis of the state of culture and the psychology of death. Feels the state of society, studies the mechanism for the emergence of innovations and has their own clear position on any topic.

30. Reasoner: explores the main causes of aging. Puts forward hypotheses about the contribution of certain molecular mechanisms to the overall aging process. Organizes experiments.

31. Transformer: researcher in the field of brain cultivation, brain and head transplantation; solves the problem of life extension through regenerative medicine and organ and tissue replacement.

32. Disclosure Master: deals with the task of opening access to useful data

33. Common Cause: holds events, calls, builds bridges of communication between educational institutions, scientific institutes, laboratories, and businesses. Carries the ideology of the Common Cause and humanism.

34. Optimizer: reduces the cost of experiments, like Elon Musk and Henry Ford did.

35. Time Keeper: researcher in the Biological Clock or Biomarkers projects.

36. Genetic Engineer: their front is the manipulation of genetic material.

37. Mitochondria Tamer: studies the aging of mitochondria in application for mitochondrial medicine.

38. Frozen: popularizes cryonics, searches for cryoprotectors, works in cryonics or make start-ups in cryonics.

39. Game Master: gamification applied to life extension—can be a great way to popularize the cause.

40. Combinator: is involved in the AGCT Project (composing the combinatorial aging therapy)

41. Data Conquerer: conquers the flow of information. Creates databases, roadmaps, diagrams and tech trees.

42. Businessperson: has a sound business to help develop life extension products
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